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What Do We Do?

We take care of the hard work behind the scenes, so you can take care of your new customers on the front end. We focus on web design, SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing to connect your business with its target market.

If you’re brand new to SEO, find comfort in the fact that we aren’t. With our expert knowledge in the SEO industry, paired with the use of the most powerful digital marketing softwares, we can improve your placements search engine results. Along with our expertise in the full suite of Google tracking tools, you’ll have more data than ever before to understand where your marketing dollars are working.

With the best customer service in the industry, you can trust that Hyphae will always be here to answer questions and strive to push your business further into growth. Unlike other tech companies, we don’t offload your calls to call centers in other countries. So anytime you call, you can trust that you’re actually speaking to an SEO expert that can clearly and concisely answer your questions.

Client Testimonials

We have been working with Hyphae for a little a month now doing SEO and website work for us. We have seen a major improvement in times and interactions on our website. Cordell’s knowledge, expertise and easy going spirit makes him the most enjoyable person we have worked with in this type of industry!
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Stephen Servis Avatar
Stephen Servis
Had Hyphae launch me a website that I was so happy with that I actually went back and gave a tip a month later for their continued support and work on the site that I was so happy with. Cannot recommend them enough
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Colt Armstrong Avatar
Colt Armstrong
Truthfully one of the best independent consultant’s we’ve ever hired in our 20+ years of owning stores. As the owner, I’ve been selling through traditional brick and mortar retail since I founded the company, but really wanted to get into the online space and ramp up sales, I just had no idea where to begin. Cordell took the reins, required no micro-management and just worked behind the scenes building up a beautiful website to showcase our collections of products. On top of that, he added additional sales channels to our online store that have multiplied our online sales and has some of our web-pages ranking in the top 5 search results on a NATIONAL level. 10/10 could not recommend him and his services enough! Oh and did I mention that all of those sales came to us with $0 spent on PPC campaigns or any other paid campaigns? All organic traffic which will continue to supply us with paying customers for years to come.
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Topline Eyewear
Our Services

SEO (search engine optimization) is a broad field, but it can generally be broken down into a few smaller, easier to understand categories. While each category shares many similarities in processes to accomplish an end goal, they do each have their own nuance. It's vital to have an end goal in mind for your business, so you can confidently map a path to that goal.

On page and technical SEO refers to the coding, function, linking, and usability of a website. With too many technical and on-page issues, you may suffer lower rankings from search engine algorithms – since they view this as poor user experience. Technical SEO issues include broken links, slow loading experiences, low content and unoptimized code (among others.) Technical SEO is needed for both local and national SEO campaigns.

National SEO Services

Most companies in need of national SEO work on a site will be e-commerce sites selling across the whole country. When you’re competing on a national level, the market is far more saturated than on a local scale. Hyphae has proven success at driving organic SEO on e-commerce sites without increasing PPC or paid ads.  The typical approach for national ranking is keyword research, content optimization and a strong link building strategy to position yourself higher among the competition.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO services are needed by companies that operate in limited or local markets. For example, a small family owned restaurant that serves the residents of its town, or a law firm that practices in a metro region. Because the end goal is to rank highly in a smaller vicinity, the ranking process and optimization process is slightly different from a company needing national SEO services. For higher rankings on a local level, much more attention is focused on GMB and directory listings, UX optimization, local citations and a strong internal linking strategy.

Link building is considered the absolute most important aspect of SEO for both local, and national level campaigns. Use the link above to explore what link building is, and how we make it easy for you to acquire these desirable links.

We offer a site audit and a 1-hour consultation for $149.99 to discuss your options and areas that need attention.

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