Korslund Law – Web Design | Local SEO

Korslund Law received the full suite of Web Design and SEO Services. With a brand and logo refresh, a full website refresh and a content marketing campaign, their site traffic has already increased 180% as of July 2023, when compared to calendar year 2022. They weren’t previously getting web traffic for their personal injury service due to the saturated market in the Norfolk area. Now over 100 people each month visit their site while searching for the broad keyword “personal injury attorney.” They’re able to be found by potential customers because they rank higher in search engines and have an easy to navigate website. 

They now rank as high as number 2 for some of their industry keywords, including top results in Google maps and many transactional keywords. 

The firm has benefitted immensely from our content driven and SEO forward marketing strategy. Prior to any work, each page of the website had approximately 50 words of content on it, which wasn’t enough for Google to understand the web page and confidently recommend it to users. With more long form content, filled with relative keywords that get higher search volumes, the brand’s organic traffic continues to grow. Throughout the work, their website received many upgrades including additional media, mobile friendly attributes, and video embeds to increase the user experience of each potential client that visits their site. 

The law industry, and especially Personal Injury Law is incredibly competitive. PPC campaigns can run you up to $120 per click for many of the keywords, so beginning to rank organically is no easy task. It takes a full content optimization campaign paired with successful link building from high authority domains. 

It’s very evident from the end of 2022 to current day 2023, that as their native keywords increased, their organic traffic continued to increase as well. There were no additional paid ads and absolutely no PPC campaigns run during this time.